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Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are 13 and have completed the eighth grade, or age 14 through 20 years of age.

Venturing's purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.

Venturing is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth, adult leaders, and organizations in their communities. Local community organizations establish a Venturing crew by matching their people and program resources to the interests of young people in the community. The result is a program of exciting and meaningful activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, develop leadership skills, and become good citizens.

Venturing crews can specialize in a variety of avocation or hobby interests. Crew 129's focus is on outdoor activities and camping, to include first aid.

Pope Pius XII

Posted by etanthony on Jan 25 2018 - 7:33am

Dear Venturing Crew 129

I have received permission from the Chair, Catholic Committee on Scouting, Diocese of Arlington AND the Chair, Catholic Committee on Scouting, Archdiocese of Military Services, USA to lead a class for Catholic Scouts in both (Arch)dioceses to earn the Pope Pius XII religious emblem award.

Crew Meeting on 19th

Posted by etanthony on Jan 14 2018 - 3:11pm


Everyone please answer these questions to me by January 19th which is our next meeting and be prepared to talk about them then!

Please choose one of the answers!

Sportrock RSVPs

Posted by VJKiernan on Dec 21 2017 - 9:06pm

Please RSVP on the crew web site if you are planning to attend the Sportrock lockin on January 5. Cost is $50 if you are climbing and staying the night; $35 if you are climbing but not staying; and $10 if you are not climbing.

Crew Christmas Party

Posted by VJKiernan on Dec 10 2017 - 7:04pm

To Crew Members and Family

We are having a Crew Potluck Christmas Party on December 17. See the attached invitation. Please RSVP to me by December 15 telling me how many are coming and what you will bring. We need drinks, desserts, side dishes, and main dishes.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Meeting Reminder

Posted by etanthony on Dec 3 2017 - 1:08pm

We will be making turkey and cheese sandwiches Monday (December 4th), Please bring one packaged loaf of whole wheat bread. Please email Joseph L if you are bringing a loaf.

Monday Meeting - Sandwich making

Posted by etanthony on Dec 2 2017 - 10:57pm

Crew 129,
We will be making sandwiches on Monday so please bring a loaf of whole wheat bread.

Thank you

Joseph L.

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